Artichokes. Good for the heart. Thanks again to the CVA crew who came out and tied up our raspberry canes, just in time for Spring…and to the Japanese girls who made origami seed packets to on sell some of the garden’s excess seeds.

So, spring has arrived, (can I say that yet? – I have been known to be overly optimistic!), I’ll keep those Black Russian’s on my window sill for a little bit longer. The young tomato plants love the warmth of the wood fire at our house, the hothouse at the garden was still a tad cold for them, their little green leaves stopped unfurling and in protest of the move away from the warmth of the double glazed window sill, and into the minutely colder hothouse at the community garden, they stopped growing. hmmmpf.

Spring seedlings now for sale from the hothouse at the community garden. Punnets for $2.

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