Garlic Planting

The woman from “Waste2Wonderful” spent the day in the garden this week, doing textile art (with local fibre artist Gwen Egg) and eating warm bread from the Pizza Oven. Philosophically I’m not into telling people how to be, but this one is a bit catchy. No knead dough, it’s the go! Come visit us at the garden and we can share bread recipes together.

The “Waste2Wonderful” woman will be at Moonah this Sunday for the Moonah Taste of World Festival, sharing and celebrating all things multicultural. The worldly presence at the garden last week brought with it such a richness into this garden space.

This Monday (30 March) has been earmarked as our annual garlic planting day, if you are in the hood, or feel like a drive to the balmy southern beaches, then come along to the garden for an exploration of garlic varieties and the relationship between kelp, garlic bulbs and sprouting power.

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