True Moments

tumblr_inline_nlr445Nx4x1tpyglh_1280The luminescent green of a juvenile cos lettuce leaf, juxtaposed against a background of pindan red chard is a true moment of beauty, one which is hard to draw your attention away from, except perhaps, for the knowing warm sip of a green tea.

At the pool yesterday a friend in the bleachers was telling me about her love for “true moments”, one which she discovered when she injured her back and was sent to the pool, to swim, without moving her head.  So, she had to keep her ears submerged (with the help of a snorkel to breathe), under the water, all the time. The immersion, the sound, the uninterrupted space this was her bliss, something she said she has only been able to replicate again through yoga.

I piped up with my contribution, to say a cuppa will do this for me, bring me 100% into present moment awareness, and music.

We are blessed with some smooth muso’s in our local community, thus the community garden randomly morphs into its pseudo entity, a music venue over summer.

We are now in the third year of hosting Seasonal Soiree’s; soiree is French for shindig; they run to a tight schedule, from 5.30 – 7.30pm.

My youngest (daughter) is scared of the dark, and I’m often so engrossed in pizza making that my parenting radar is turned down somewhat, putting the darkness factor on top of this may be beyond my current capacity in this earthly life!

Head count at our last Soiree in February with the not local Anne Vriend was 170 plus kids.  Thanks Anne for putting our little garden on the International Stage.

So, this Friday night, March 27th will be the last of our Seasonal Soirees, until Spring comes. Outdoor music and Tasmanian Winters are somewhat of a contradiction!

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