Welcome to Artichoke Heart


Secretly, we call ourselves Artichoke Heart.Publicly, we are a little Community Garden skirting the ocean in a small surf village about 35 minutes west of Hobart. Four years ago a friend, Claire, and I heard on the local whisperer that the Okines Community House had secured a one year grant to establish a community garden. And they were on the hunt to employ someone, for 15 hours a week.

Have you ever had one of those moments when something just blows your mind? This was one of them. We loved the idea, but the thought of working 15 hours a week with young children (demand, demand, and more demand) was enough to send both of our small brain’s into overload.* At the time, Claire and I didn’t really know each, and now, neither of us can remember who suggested it, but we decided to apply as a job share, a one day a week position, that would be manageable.

The Dodges Ferry Community Garden was opened, with a welcome to Country by Aunty Colleen Mundy in April 2012.    We have been blessed to work with many local artists and musicians, the collective creative energy keeps our motivation levels topped up and nourished. At the garden we are driven by the passions of the local folk who come and dwell, meander and ponder with us, outside, in the fresh (with a hint of ocean) air.

The garden has unofficially hosted many a label, from the hub or soul of the community, to the fourth tier of government (federal, state, local, and garden state), and has become known as a place to come for a cuppa. More recently the garden has been identified as a non-religious contemporary version of the church. For us, this quote is where it all began.

 “In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t control. In work, do what you enjoy…” 

Tao Te Ching

*I’m sure your brain is massive Claire, just needed to downsize it for the story. Love you!

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