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We are always s interested in info. from anyone about products they prefer, know are more local, organic etc. Click/Select to download Order Sheet – 1 December 2021 that you can complete and save with your name in the Excel filename and email back to us at okines dot orders at gmail dot com (

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We love to hear about possible suppliers, i.e. any info. on how we can improve what we do, or items we could stock and where to source it from. Even if we can’t act on it immediately, it is great for future reference. Click to open, see or download and print the STOCK & PRICE – 1 December 2021. This printable version also includes provenance details. Please attach your funds transfer (EFT) receipt. Please find enclosed our bendigo-bank-details in print friendly format.

ItemOriginNon-active price/kgActive price/kg                      
NANO = Not Available not on order sheet,
N/A = Not Currently Available
MUESLI - gluten freelocal/import$17.75$15.00
MUESLI - normallocal/import$10.70$9.00
MUESLI - organiclocal/import$13.00$11.00
CORN flakeslocal/import$13.50$11.00
OATS - Rolled ConventionalAustralia$4.30$3.60
OATS - rolled FOUR LEAF BIOAustralia$7.70$6.50
PSYLLIUM husks organicIndia$50.00$43.00
QUINOA - rolled flakes/orgBolivoa$11.70$9.90
RICE FLAKES - rolledAustralia$8.50$7.20
CARDAMOM ground cost price specialGuatemala$104.50$104.50
CAYENNE PepperIndia$23.50$20.00
CHILLI - crushed organicIndia$50.60$43.00
CINNAMON - ground organicSri Lanka$70.00$60.00
CORIANDER - ground organicIndia$55.00$46.80
CUMIN - ground organicIndia$64.50$55.00
GINGER - groundIndia$25.00$21.50
NUTMEG - groundIsrael$40.60$34.50
PAPRICA/natural SMOKED organicIsrael$71.00$60.00
PAPRIKA/SWEET organicIsrael$68.60$58.40
PIMENTO/Allspice - groundJamaica$29.60$25.15
TURMERIC ALLEPPY - ground$30.70$26.15
TURMERIC - ground organicIndia$25.00$21.50
OREGANO - organicTurkey$45.15$38.35
HERBS - mixedAustralia$20.00$17.00
ITALIAN HERBS - with tomato NEWAus/Import$25.00$21.00
Curry Powder MILD MADRAS styleMix$43.20$36.70
GARAM MASALAMix$72.00$61.00
LEMON PEPPERlocal/import$24.70$21.00
MIXED SPICEMix$75.00$63.75
PANCH PHORAMix$27.00$23.00
Salt/Murray River PINK FLAKES 500g bagAustralia$14.95$12.75
SEA-SALT NON-iodised organicAustralia$2.45$2.00
CARAWAY seed ORGANICIndia$25.00$21.25
CARDAMOM pods ORGANICGuatemala$94.00$80.00
CASSIA quills conventionalIndonesia$44.50$38.00
CINNAMON quills convSri Lanka$69.60$59.00
CLOVES whole convIndonesia$34.00$29.00
CORIANDER seed ORGANICAustralia$50.00$43.00
CUMIN seedTurkey$18.60$15.85
FENNEL seedIndia$12.25$10.45
FENUGREEK seedIndia$8.75$7.50
GARLIC GRANULES organic NEWIndia$75.00$65.00
MUSTARD seed - BROWN organicCanada$51.10$43.45
MUSTARD seed - YELLOW organicIndia$37.35$31.75
NIGELLA seedIndia$17.00$14.50
NUTMEG wholeIndonesia$52.00$44.00
PEPPERCORNS - black CONVENTIONAL AUST.Australia$25.20$21.40
PIMENTOS Allspice wholeJamaica$27.90$23.75
STAR ANISE - organicVietman$130.00$110.00
VANILLA BEANS - whole podsMadagascar$5.00$4.00
Dried Fruit
APRICOTS (sulphur free) organicTurkey$21.00$18.00
BANANA strips Chem-freeAustralia$20.70$17.60
CHERRIES red GLACEFrance$18.00$15.30
CITRUS PEELItaly$9.00$7.70
CRANBERRIES organicCanada$38.00$33.00
CURRANTS organicAustralia$16.00$13.70
GINGER GLACEAustralia$18.50$15.75
DATES - Middle-EastIran$4.75$4.00
FIGS organicTurkey$19.50$16.50
MANGO slicesThailand$17.50$14.90
MIXED FRUIT with Cherries NEW for XMASAus/Italy/Fr$16.00$14.00
PEACHES Aus DriedAustralia$35.40$30.00
PRUNES AustAustralia$15.20$12.90
RAISINS organicAustralia$13.75$11.70
SULTANAS natural conventionalAustralia$10.00$8.60
DANDELION Roasted coffeeAustralia$49.50$42.15
South Roast coffee BEANS BULK - LOOSETas roasted$45.50$40.00
South Roast coffee GROUND 500g bagTas roasted$23.00$19.50
South Roast coffee GROUND 250g bagTas roasted$13.00$11.00
Okines CHAI Spice MixHouse mix$100.00$94.00
Okines GOLDEN MYLK Mix organicHouse mix$46.00$39.00
BREAKFAST BLEND BLACK Tea organicIndia/SriLan$57.60$48.95
EARL GREY Tea organicInd/SriL/Italy$72.00$61.50
FRENCH Earl Grey Tea organicAus/Import$72.00$61.50
GINGER GLOW herbal tea organicAus/Import$74.25$63.10
LADY GREY Tea - NEWAus/Import$72.00$61.50
MINTY GREEN Tea - NEWAus/Import$100.00$86.00
PEPPERMINTY Tea -NEWAus/Import$100.00$86.00
SENCHA GREEN tea organicSri Lanka$50.25$42.70
SPRING FORTH herbal tea organicAus/Import$74.25$63.10
BREAD flour UNBLEACHED WGM orgAustralia$4.35$3.70
BREAD flour WHOLEGRAIN WGM orgAustralia$4.10$2.80
CAKE flour unbleached Kialla orgAustralia$4.50$3.80
RYE flour WHOLEGRAIN orgAustralia$5.10$4.35
SEMOLINA - fineAustralia$4.50$4.00
SPELT flour WHITE Kindred orgTasmania$10.70$9.00
SPELT flour WHOLEGRAIN Kindred orgTasmania$9.60$8.00
BESAN (Chickpea) flour brown KIALLA orgAustralia$6.20$5.25
BUCKWHEAT flour WHITE Kindred orgTasmania$13.00$11.00
BUCKWHEAT fl WH/GRAIN Kindred orgTasmania$13.00$11.00
COCONUT flour organicSri Lanka$11.40$9.70
CORN/MAIZE flourNZ$3.90$3.30
CORN MASA/MASECA Flour BlueMexico$9.60$8.15
GLUTEN FREE flour (Orgran) orgThailand$8.00$7.00
MACA POWDER organicBolivia$13.50$11.50
POLENTA coarse organicAustralia$7.00$6.00
RICE flour - Brown organicAustralia$8.00$6.90
TAPIOCA Flour/Starch bulkThailand$4.40$3.75
BARLEY pearled organicAustralia$5.80$4.90
BUCKWHEAT (BUCKINIS) ACTIVATED organicAustralia$17.00$14.50
BUCKWHEAT GROATS RAW organicAustralia$11.00$9.40
BURGHUL coarseTurkey$4.50$3.85
COUSCOUS WHOLEWHEAT organic$8.00$6.80
COUSCOUS whole wheat PEARL organicIsrael$10.45$8.90
MILLET - hulled organicAustralia$8.70$7.40
QUINOA wholegrain Kindred organicTasmania$11.80$10.00
Rice ARBORIOSpain$5.70$4.80
Rice BASMATI BROWN organicAustralia$6.95$5.90
Rice BASMATI WHITE organicIndia$8.00$6.75
Rice BROWN MEDIUM-GRAIN Bio organicAustralia$12.40$10.50
RYE whole grainAustralia$5.35$4.50
SPELT wholegrain Kindred organicTasmania$9.15$7.80
BAKING POWDER - Salt Skiplocal/import$26.00$22.10
CACAO powder - raw organicPeru$16.50$14.00
CAROB Powder organicGermany$12.50$10.65
Chocolate DARK COUVERTURE organicGermany$35.20$29.90
EGGS when availableLocal$5.50$5.50
FALAFEL mixlocal/import$10.20$8.70
KELP meal organicTasmania$82.00$70.00
MISO Spiral Genmai Brown Rice org 400g eaJapan$17.40$14.80
MUSHROOMS mixed driedFrance$99.20$65.90
PASTA Besan-Buckwheat-Brown rice penne GF NEWAustralia$18.50$16.50
PASTA Lentil-Maize penne GF NEWAustralia$18.50$16.50
PASTA Lentil-Maize fettucini GF NEWAustralia$18.50$16.50
PASTA Kamut/Khorasan spaghetti org GF NEWAustralia$17.50$15.50
PASTA SPAGHETTI 'Eat Pasta' 375g pkt ea NEWAustralia$4.00$3.50
PASTA PAPPARDELLE 'Eat Pasta' 375g pkt ea NeWAustralia$4.00$3.50
STOCK powder- Massel/BEEF styleAustralia$25.65$21.80
STOCK powder- Massel/CHICKEN styleAustralia$26.50$22.50
STOCK powder- Massel/VEGGIEAustralia$26.30$22.35
YEAST- nutritional flakesUSA$49.50$42.00
BUTTER Ashgroves FarmhouseTasmania$16.50$15.25
BICARB of soda NATURALUSA$7.95$6.75
BICARB of soda SYNTHETICGermany$3.80$3.25
CACAO BUTTER organic$38.30$32.50
COCONUT CHIPS/FLAKES organicPhillipines$20.60$17.50
COCONUT Fine DESSICATED organicPhillipines$11.50$9.80
COCONUT SHREDDED organicPhillipines$14.20$12.00
COCOMINO Sauce Nuilife 250ml eachAustralia$10.80$9.60
Cheese Millel PECORINOAustralia$25.00$23.00
PRESERVES: request variety next to item name
Julia's - SMALLDodges$5.00$5.00
Julia's - LARGEDodges$7.00$7.00
Sally's - JAM/RELISH cash in jarPawleena$5.00$5.00
Sally's - KASUNDI cash in jarPawleena$6.00$6.00
OLIVES Mixed organicGreece$22.70$19.30
TAMARI Spiral organicJapan$29.30$24.95
TAHINI BLACK organic 375g jar eachimport ing.$14.50$12.40
TAHINI UNHULLED organicAustralia$15.30$13.00
Vinegar APPLE CIDER organicTasmania$12.00$10.20
Vinegar WHITE/NATURALAustralia$2.19$1.85
cleaning products are by Clean Conscience except the dishwasher machine pdr: locally made & non-toxic
DISHWASHING liquidTas-made$18.00$16.00
DISHWASHER MACHINE pdr Clean Machine NEWTas-made$11.00$9.50
Multi-purpose LEMON MYRTLE sprayTas-made$11.00$10.00
Multi -purpose EUCALYPTUS sprayTas-made$8.25$7.00
LAUNDRY SOAKERTas-made$11.25$9.55
SOAP LiquidTas-made$18.00$15.30
LAUNDRY POWDERTas-made$15.00$12.75
Spray bottle each$2.50$2.50
Air Freshener REFILL (bottles available)Tas-made$7.75$6.50
EPSOM SALTSGermany$5.00$4.30
TEA TREE OIL Clarence River 25mlAustralia$10.00$10.00
WGAC Toilet Paper 1 ROLLChina/Aus$1.25$1.25
WGAC Kitchen Towel x 1 ROLLChina/Aus$3.25$3.25
WGAC Tissues SINGLE PackChina/Aus$1.75$1.75
WGAC T P CARTON X 48 rollsChina/Aus$45.00$45.00
WGAC Kitchen Towel CARTON x 6 rollsChina/Aus$18.00$18.00
WGAC TIssues CARTON x 12 boxesChina/Aus$18.00$18.00
personal all prices are per item
Deodorant Stick - Vegan - Body of NatureTas-made$15.00$15.00
Face Serum Oil 15mlTas-made$10.00$10.00
Face Serum Oil 25mlTas-made$15.00$15.00
Insect Itch RESCUE BALM- 5g stickQueensland$8.00$7.50
Insect Itch RESCUE BALM- 45g tubQueensland$37.00$33.00
Lip Balm - Body of NatureTas-made$8.00$8.00
Moisturiser ORIGINAL/HONEY 50mlTas-made$20.00$20.00
SHAMPOO BAR All Washed UpTas-made$7.50$7.50
SOAP BAR All Washed UpTas-made$6.50$6.50
TOOTHBRUSH Enviro ADULT Black SoftChina$3.50$3.50
TOOTHBRUSH Enviro CHILD Black SoftChina$3.00$3.00
TOOTHPASTE Grants ProplisAustralia$4.00$3.40
TOOTHPASTE Grants mild mintAustralia$4.00$3.40
COCONUT milk powder VEGAN organicSri Lanka$31.75$27.00
SOY milk Bonsoy organic BOX of 6Australia$35.00$29.00
ALMOND MEAL from whole nuts - chem freeAustralia$28.80$24.50
PEANUT BUTTER - conventionalAustralia$12.00$10.20
ALMONDS RAW WHOLE chem freeAustralia$24.35$20.70
ALMONDS ROASTED WHOLE chem freeAustralia$30.00$25.00
BRAZIL nuts organicBoliviaBrazil$36.00$30.00
CASHEWS raw whole - conventionalVietnam$24.00$20.00
CASHEWS ROASTED whole - conventionalIndonesia$32.30$27.50
HAZELNUTS roasted organicTasmania$71.70$61.00
MACADAMIA pieces chem freeAustralia$62.90$53.45
MACADAMIA WHOLE saltedAustralia$73.60$62.60
PEANUTS roasted unsalted conventionalAustralia$9.50$8.00
PINENUTS organicChina$80.20$68.20
PISTACHIO nuts in shellAustralia$48.50$41.20
Walnuts - WEBSTERSTasmania$26.30$22.30
Walnuts COALDALE IN SHELL chem freeTasmania$13.90$11.80
Walnuts COALDALE PIECES chem freeTasmania$40.50$34.45
COCONUT oil - virgin org 900g/1lt jarSri Lanka$15.85$13.50
COCONUT oil Melrose flavour free org. 325g jarSri Lanka$6.80$5.80
OLIVE oil Platypus Creek extra virginTasmania$24.00$20.40
SESAME oil Spiral organic 500g bottle eachMexico$14.55$12.35
all pulses are not always in stock - please indicat a sub and we will endeavour to provide
BLACK TURTLE BeansCanada$9.60$8.15
BLACKEYED PeasUSA$10.40$8.90
BORLOTTI BeansAustralia$7.35$6.25
CANNELLINI BeansAustralia$7.85$6.70
CHICKPEAS organicAustralia$11.75$10.00
HARICOT/NAVY BeansCanada$7.25$6.20
LENTILS Brown-Green organicCanada$3.60$3.00
LENTILS French PUY organicCanada$10.10$8.60
LENTILS Red Split CONV.Australia$4.90$4.20
LIMA Beans largeUSA$9.85$8.35
MUNG beansAustralia$7.85$6.70
SOY BEANS organicAustralia$8.55$7.30
RED KIDNEY beansCanada$7.70$6.60
ALFALFA seedAustralia$21.75$18.50
CHIA seeds - BLACKSth America$13.60$11.50
HEMP SEED Aus Primary conventonalAustralia$36.30$30.90
LINSEEDS Kialla organicAustralia$12.20$10.35
POPPY seedTas/Spain$18.10$15.40
PUMPKIN/PEPITA seed org ChinaChina$19.00$16.00
SESAME seed BLACKIndia$16.50$14.00
SESAME seeds UNHULLED orgEthiopia$13.10$11.15
SPROUTING mix seeds40% Aus$11.40$9.70
SUNFLOWER SEEDS chem freeAustralia$9.50$8.00
CHOC-RASP LICORICE organicAustralia$47.90$40.70
CHOCOLATE drops DARK organicGermany$40.45$34.40
CHOCOLATE drops MILK organicGermany$42.35$36.00
SALMIAK Rock - LicoriceHolland$25.90$22.00
Honey BUSHTasmania$16.50$14.00
Honey LEATHERWOODTasmania$16.50$14.00
MAPLE syrup 100% organicCanada$27.50$23.40
Sugar COCONUT organicIndonesia$11.70$10.00
Sugar RAW organicAustralia$4.25$3.60
Sugar RAPADURA organicSri Lanka$7.00$6.00

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