News: Changes to prices, suspended sales and library policies.

Hi to all our Wonderful Foodies,

We have a few important announcements to make for the new financial year on issues which were addressed at our May Steering Committee Meeting.

* price increases

* suspended sales policy

* library policy

Background: The Okines Food Co-op is a grass roots-led social enterprise run by a coordinator who is paid from the profit margin of sales. The cCoordinator (Jill) requested an increase in hours in mid-2016 (from 5 to 7.5hr per week) to reflect more realistically the time she spent on the job, the Food Co-op Committee agreed to increase the Coordinator’s hours for a conditional period. The conditions were pending our bank balance remained above $5,000.  As a result of the bank balance dropping below this, the Food Co-op is now engaging in strategies to make it more (financially) sustainable. Hence the following policies will be implemented on 1st July, 2017.

* Price increases: The 20% discount for active members and 8% discount for bulk purchases will remain.

* Suspended Sales Late Fee:

Of significant issue to the financial management of the co-op are the large amount of unpaid suspended sales which are carried over from week to week and the follow-up admin this entails.

In an effort to eradicate or minimise this, the Food Co-op Steering Committee agrees to implement the following Policy.

  1. If a member already has a suspended sale, no more product can walk out the door with that person until the suspended sale is paid outright.
  2. If a sale is suspended it must be settled before the end of 2 weeks (grace period).
  3. Only one reminder from the Coordinator (via text or email) will be sent after the first week.
  4. A $5 late fee will be charged if suspended sales are not paid within the 2 week grace period.
  5. The Food Co-op operates on a ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ rule. If you have incurred late fees three times, you will not be able to suspend a sale again.

* Library Policy

Okines Food Co-operative have been fortunate enough (with a Sorell Council grant and individual member’s donations) to be able to purchase some amazing new books that will be available for Co-op members to look at while at the Co-op and also to take home on a borrowing system. Our own little library, full of nutritious and wholesome recipe and nutrition books, eco-living and some gardening books.

Your Steering Committee would like these books to be available for all members to borrow and read at their leisure. This is a privilege granted to you as a respected member of our Co-op and we appreciate that you will look after these books in a respectful manner as you would your own special books.

  1.    Loans will be for 2 weeks.
  2.    Loan can only be extended once, for an additional one week.
  3.    Only one book is to be borrowed at a time.
  4. If the book is not returned after 3 weeks, borrowing privileges will cease until it is returned or the full price of that book is paid so that the Co-op can purchase another copy.
  5. Loans will be recorded in a Library Register book and checked weekly by Denise Lynch (our Library Manger). She will then send text/email reminders for due & outstanding returns.
  6. If the book is not returned within a week of that reminder, a $5 fine is issued/taken off credits. If this fine is suspended, then the suspended sale rules also apply and a further $5 is added after each following week.
  7. We welcome any photos/comments on successful recipes from our books using Co-op ingredients so they can be added to the recipe list on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop & don’t forget…. we love your feedback!

  cheers Jill & Julie

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