NEW PRODUCT: Ethical toilet paper now available through the Co-op

Hi Co-oppers,

If you are interested in using recycled toilet paper from an Aussie company with a strong ethical philosophy, please right select to openĀ  Toilet paper: Who Gives A Crap (in a new window) and order it NOW, by the box, by January 31, through the Co-op.

It has been brought to my attention that although it is an Australian company, the paper is actually made in China. It is locally sourced there, made using local labour and shipped, not air freighted. They have also researched comparative environmental impacts etc. Select to read the thoroughly addressed questions and answers. I am personally happy that it is still, overall, ethically preferable. And it is definitely a better product than the Aust. equivalent. These decisions are not as simple as miles v local. Please check them out yourself,

cheers Jill


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